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Why Map D is "The Total Package" Event Management Software Solution

Aug 3, 2022 2:57:52 PM

What does it mean to be the "total package" in event management software? defines "total package" as describing "something or someone that possesses a complete set of desired or expected characteristics." e.g. "When it comes to Hollywood actors, Brad Pitt is the total package."

Well, dear reader, when it comes to software for managing events, Map D is the total package. 

With new developments like attendee ticket sales and tools to continue earning revenue from your event even after it ends, combined with technology essentials like an event app that's branded your way, and online booth sales, it's easy to see how Map D possesses that "complete set of desired or expected characteristics" for managing all kinds of events. 

There is a lot to share with you, so we've added a table of contents to help you cut to the chase.

Read on for more.


So What's New? And What Makes Map D "The Total Package?"

Map D has been a major player in the event management software space for almost a decade. For years we were known for our interactive trade show floor plans, expo booth sales, and feature sets designed to serve association events. We served the needs of events in this space very well and focused our platform developments around serving events with those needs.

Map D is still an excellent tool for managing these kinds of events, but recent developments let Map D offer a more complete set of features to manage all types of events. Read on for details on new developments, and features that make Map D the total package event management software solution.


Attendee Ticket Sales

Purchase Confirmation Cropped

Take registration to the next level and earn revenue for your event with attendee ticket sales.

Event managers can configure options for ticket types, ticket titles, quantity controls (never worry about overselling again!), date controls (set it and forget it for early bird pricing), additional merchandise or service sales (hello college football season—did someone say something about comfy seatbacks?), options to include merch and services with certain ticket types (including stuff for free keeps those V.I.P.s happy!), options to email to multiple people copies of a ticket or a receipt (for those popular people ordering on behalf of friends), add additional questions that are required or optional (accommodating needs is key!), and customized confirmation messages.

[Learn more about Map D ticket sales.]


Additional Revenue for Event Managers


Map D puts you in control of sponsorship recognition and event ads at your show. You can set the price you want sponsors/advertisers to pay, control where an ad is placed, and control what time an ad is running (you can set ads to run at specific times during your event, and select where they show up such as in the schedule or on the floorplan.) It's neat!

Since you control everything yourself and can make as much revenue from the services as you want to charge. What's more, Map D's event ads can work with Nextech's ARitize Swirl, the easiest and most affordable way to create and add 3D and AR product banners to your event. Leave sponsors happy and engage attendees with creative and interesting interactive ads.

[Learn more about Map D event ads.]


ROI That Doesn't End When Your Event Does


Keep earning returns on your event even after it's over with Map D's year-long 365 Partner Engagement. With recent developments including all-new customization tools, features to enhance online content, and even online streaming, Map D provides the tools to drive attendees to return to engage with your partners online 365 days out of the year.

Event managers can organize exhibitor profiles into categories for quick navigation, provide product listings for easy discovery/purchases, and even empower exhibitors to add augmented reality and lead capture tools like automated meeting links to their profiles. Tools to import and export exhibitor data make the 365 Partner Engagement easy to activate, and also an easy way to collect valuable information from your vendors.

[Learn more about Map D 365 Partner Engagement.]


Events Elevated by Augmented Reality

Trade show floor plan

Event managers are always looking for new ways to delight, engage, and "wow" attendees (and event sponsors). Augmented reality (AR) created with Map D and ARway is rewriting the rules of the game on this front.

As a no-code solution that requires no special equipment to operate, ARway makes it easy to find vendors of interest while creating clear and relevant virtual signage. Large and unfamiliar spaces become easy and fun to navigate with the addition of AR wayfinding and interactive AR experiences one can discover along the way.

Best of all? Map D is built to integrate with AR tech like ARway and ARitize 3D, so integrating AR into your event is not only unbelievably easyit's also seamless. 

Watch as Julian and Hannah create a trade show AR experience with ARway in about 20 minutes using only a smartphone.

[Learn more about augmented reality at events.]


Event Insights and Automation


Analytics, automation, and event insights are some of the most valuable aspects of using software to manage events. 

Want to know what attendees thought of a speaker or session? Collect feedback that updates in real-time.

Want to prove the value of exhibiting to your vendors and sponsors? Our analytics reports give visibility into the most popular content and more. 

Struggling to stay on top of it all as issues come up during your event? Schedule push notifications, email updates, and use our event completeness check to make sure things stay on track even in the face of change.

[Learn more about automation and event insights in Map D.]


Customize Events Like Never Before

Map D Event Header to Pavilions

Whether you're talking about a star-studded outdoor concert, an inspiring art festival, or a bustling trade show, events are meant to wow people and provide unique experiences. Your event management software should do the same! That's why we've developed new content and design customization tools to help you make your online event experience as uniquely "you" as the experience is in-person.

Unique features like the Pavilions tool, the ability to integrate various live streaming services, and add multiple floorplans to an event mean that Map D is flexible enough to respond to any need. We even offer a white label service for those who want to completely brand the event for themselves, or for those who resell our service.

[Learn more about event customization in Map D.]


Online Booth Sales

Map D Sell Booths Online

Selling exhibitor booths is not always an easy task. But with Map D, the complicated logistics involved become as effortless as shopping on Amazon. 

Our interactive floor plans make buying booth space a breeze for exhibitors and sponsors by showing what's available, how much it costs, and who is already where (in case they don't want to be near competitors ...or in case they do), all while updating in real-time. Customizable integrated payment gateways, checkout options, and sellable services combine to make Map D's booth sales tool a leading choice for expos, trade shows, and association conferences.

[Learn more about Map D booth sales.]


Interactive Floor Plans

Interactive Floorplan

Interactive trade show maps are growing in popularity throughout the expo industry. Though they have been around for over a decade, the increase in demand for information at the fingertips of exhibitors and attendees means that the ability to display an exhibit hall in an easy-to-use digital way is in higher demand than ever before. 
The issue at hand is that not all maps are the same, and not all show managers use them in the same way.

At Map D, our clients use an interactive floor plan to sell booth space, promote vendors, and assist attendees with planning and navigating. Most events can be set up in as little as two business days and most event managers spend as little as 2-4 hours using our show managers' guide and knowledgebase to customize their details. For repeat clients, the time frame is even shorter as our production team can duplicate information by request.

Best of all? The most common feedback we receive from our clients is that Map D is "so easy to use." If you've tried other software and found it difficult to use, give us a look-see.

[Learn more about interactive floor plans.]


We're There for You


Map D clients enjoy a dedicated account manager who helps get things started, answers questions, and can share best practices and insight as your friend in the industry. We have built a robust knowledge base to answer questions and get you started on your event, and our dedicated support team can help you find your way if you're ever lost. 

"So easy to use" is the most common feedback we receive from our clients, but we're happy to schedule dedicated training times for you and your team at your convenience. Contact our accounts team to learn more.

[Learn more about how Map D supports event managers.]



Is Map D the total package for your event? 

If you think we're a ten and you're ready to swipe right, drop us a note.

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