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New attendee ticket sales make Map D the total package software solution for managing events.

Jul 21, 2022 2:01:41 PM

We've got big news!

Like, the "oh my gosh we just threw a perfect game of skee-ball and we're going to cash in all our tickets for that giant teddy bear" kind of big news.

Event managers can now sell everything (no seriously, everything) right in one convenient platform with our new Attendee Ticket Sales add-on for Map D.

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NEW! Event managers can now
sell booth space, services, merchandise, and attendee ticket
from within one convenient platform.  

Map D has been known for years as an easy-to-use solution for selling trade show floor plan and exhibit space. Exhibitors and vendors can choose a booth on an interactive map, add additional products or services (like pipe and drape or sponsorships), and pay for everything with a few easy clicks. 

But now, attendee ticket sales is a huge game changer for events on Map D.

You see, we've long had clients ask if Map D had plans to add ticket sales to the platform. We did, but many of our clients were associations that sold tickets to conferences and tradeshows within their AMS (Association Management Software). As Map D has continued to grow our product offerings and serve events in new and improved ways, this was the next logical step.

This brings us to the launch of ticketing and how it truly makes Map D the total package when it comes to event management software.

Clients will continue to enjoy Map D as a great platform for selling booth space, managing speakers and schedules, and keeping eventgoers up to date with info about your event. Now, attendees can choose from different types of tickets such as General Admission, Member Pricing, VIP, or Box Seats. Attendees can also select from products and services like merchandise, backstage passes, or other event upgrades during checkout.

Basically, if it can be sold at your event, you can sell it with Map D.

So How Does it Work?

Just like most aspects of Map D! You spend a little time configuring settings and then things run on autopilot.

Event managers can configure options for ticket types, ticket titles, quantity controls (never worry about overselling again!), date controls (set it and forget it for early bird pricing), additional merchandise or service sales (hello college football season—did someone say something about comfy seatbacks?), options to include merch and services with certain ticket types (including stuff for free keeps those V.I.P.s happy!), options to email to multiple people copies of a ticket or a receipt (for those popular people ordering on behalf of friends), add additional questions that are required or optional (accommodating needs is key!), and customized confirmation messages.

Whew! That was a lot to write. Probably even more for you to read.

(It's the same amount of letters, we know. Just go with it.) 

But enough narrative here. Let's see it in action!


Ticket Selection

Ticket Selection

Event managers can customize the title, description, price, inventory, and availability settings (e.g. early bird tickets can expire a month before the event, or ticket types can restrict access to certain tracks on a schedule) of tickets when creating or configuring ticket settings. During checkout, attendees can select from available options and buy additional quantities, if desired.


Attendee ticket info

Attendee Info

Event managers can control the information collected at check out by requiring important fields to be filled out, hiding unimportant fields to keep the process short, making other fields optional, or adding custom questions (e.g. Is this your first time attending?).


Merchandise Sales


What event experience isn't made better by some sweet merch!? Anything you can imagine can be offered for sale during checkout or be included in the cost of a ticket. From backstage access, t-shirts, or art, to swag bags, memorabilia, or bottle service, event managers can set inventory and access controls so attendees can select from available options.


TOS gif

Terms of Service

The fine print! Almost every purchase comes with terms of service these days and attendee tickets are no different. Customize terms to address refund policies, cancellation policies, or indemnify liability. Whatever your business need, attendees can agree to it.


Print Tickets

print ticket

Whether online or in person, tickets can be customized with branding, messages, and other information for any type of event. Each ticket contains a unique number and QR code to track the purchase, and event managers and attendees alike can view confirmation online or by email. 


If you've made it this far - bravo! You can see why we're so excited now, right?

That was a lot of information to take in, but it only scratches the surface. We didn't even touch on how ticketing was designed for mobile and looks even better there, or how centralizing so many aspects of event management into one easy-to-use platform simplifies complicated event logistics and is super great (because who doesn't want to make lives easier with a total package software solution?!)

But don't fret! Our delightful account managers are ready to answer any questions or help you get started with ticketing on your next event.

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