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Group Demos

Mar 22, 2022 12:10:13 AM

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We have added so many new features lately it's hard to keep up sometimes!

If you want to see the new background customizations in action, have questions about how our Stripe integration is 100% free to you, or if you just want to see how we can make managing your event and selling booth space easier with our service, Map D invites you to join us every Thursday at 1:00 pm ET to ask questions and see how Map D can best work for you.

Whether you're an existing client who wants to learn about the latest updates, a former client who is considering returning, or you're thinking about using Map D for the first time, this session is for you!

Register NowAttendees will learn:

  • How Map D can transform the booth sales process for expos, trade shows, and festivals.

  • How event managers can save time and effort with exhibitor and speaker tools.

  • How online, interactive floor plans can take the attendee experience to the next level.

  • How new features and feature updates can enhance show manager, exhibitor, and user experiences.

Drop in for a quick peek, come with your questions, and invite your friends!

All are welcome, and we can't wait for you to join us.

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Looking for a more personalized experience? Our account managers would love to show you what we can do with a demo at your convenience. It's easy to request a demo with this form and find a time that works for you.


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