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5 min read

What type of event is your astrological sign?

By Map D on May 27, 2022 10:33:48 AM

With the rising popularity of astrology, it got us thinking:

Is there an event horoscope? What would the event Zodiac look like? And what might your sign reveal about you?

Just as each Zodiac sign has its own unique characteristics and corresponding traits, so does each different type of event.

From intelligent, fast-paced Gemini networking events to trade shows and Capricorns that focus on the bottom line, here's your complete guide to all 12 astrological signs and their corresponding events.

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2 min read

Live Streaming on Map D is Here

By Map D on May 24, 2022 11:33:10 AM

Jeremy showcases video hosted on Map D in his woodworking demo event.

Virtual and hybrid event sessions just got a major lift on Map D as live streaming video made its way to our event management software this month. 

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3 min read

How One Association Saw Fundraising Success and 10x ROI With Map D

By Map D on Dec 29, 2021 11:44:00 AM

The Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) is the common bond, voice, and power for the library community. CAL is united to advocate for quality library services, support access to information, and foster the professional development of their members.

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