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What type of event is your astrological sign?

May 27, 2022 10:33:48 AM

With the rising popularity of astrology, it got us thinking:

Is there an event horoscope? What would the event Zodiac look like? And what might your sign reveal about you?

Just as each Zodiac sign has its own unique characteristics and corresponding traits, so does each different type of event.

From intelligent, fast-paced Gemini networking events to trade shows and Capricorns that focus on the bottom line, here's your complete guide to all 12 astrological signs and their corresponding events.

Event Horoscope Zodiac

The Event Zodiac

Just like people can be governed by the signs, so too can events. Whether born under fixed signs, cardinal signs, or mutable signs, each event type corresponds to an element or mode of astrology. Read on to find your sign and event.


Event Horoscope Aeries - Bold LeaderAries

Ever the brave and bold leader, Aries knows how to get what they deserve (and give it, too). Aries demands attention and gets it with an awards ceremony.


Event Horoscope_Taurus - Steadfast Sensualist


A reliable sign with a penchant for stimulating the senses - Taurus is always down to grab tacos or enjoy a catered business lunch. Taurus is happy to shrewdly write off the business expense, too.


Event Horoscope_Gemini - Charming Flake


Quick-witted and quick-thinking, the twins flit about speed networking events to delight attendees with their zesty personality. Just don't miss it or they will be gone!


Event Horoscope Cancer - Comfort Food


Warm and caring with a desire to connect with others, Cancer is a happy hour. Unwind and make deep connections while sharing with friends and colleagues.


Event Horoscope_Leo - Ambitious Entertainer


Ever the performer, Leo loves to spread joy and entertain others. Leo is an extravagant outdoor concert that brings much happiness to attendees.


Event Horoscope_Virgo - Wise Analyst


Detail-oriented and meticulous, Virgo is an educational and informative workshop. Attendees have no regrets about the money or time spent with Virgo and are ready to sign up for the next session.


Social Horoscope_Libra - Diplomatic Connector


Relationships are everything for Libra. Like association conferences, Libra is great at bringing people together. Libra is often known as "the diplomat," which is especially fitting for associations representing the political interest of professionals.



Event Horoscope_Scorpio - Mysterious Transformer


One of the most mysterious signs, Scorpio is an elusive hosted buyer event. Sometimes known as a "reverse trade show," hosted buyer events present opportunities for attendees and exhibitors to really get to know one another just as Scorpio can easily connect with others on a deep and meaningful level.


Event Horoscope_Sagittarius - Optimistic Facilitator


Whether it's a wellness retreat or a meeting in the office conference room, Sagittarius provides masterful facilitation for strategic planning. Sagittarius seeks the truth and loves to share, which sets up strategic planning for future success.


Social Horoscope_Capricorn - Business Executive


Known for ambition and career focus, Capricorn is a trade show that brings value to sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees alike. A focus on revenue keeps event managers happy while a focus on details makes the show a success for all. 


Social Horoscope_Aquarius - Quirky Innovator


Ever the innovator, Aquarius is bound for progress with a virtual event. But not just any ol' virtual event - Aquarius is always about the next big thing or a new way to connect. Tune in for live comedy, online trivia, or skill-sharing webinars that delight.


Event Horoscope_Pisces - Welcoming Creative


Highly creative and imaginative, Pisces inspires with a festival. Whether it's a carnival, art festival, or county fair, Pisces can adapt to the energy and vibe when and where they are in the moment.



Now that you know what kind of event you are, it's time to plan one!

If you're looking for an event management solution, we invite you to get in touch.

Thanks to all our event profs out there helping set the vibe.


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