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Event technology ideas to elevate guest experience

May 9, 2024 4:29:57 PM

jonny-gios-8wKTIZ1KEzY-unsplash-1Delivering a captivating customer experience is the cornerstone of planning successful events. A happy visitor will rave about your event, revisit your event, be loyal and give your exhibitors more business - who in turn will give you more business.

This cycle of revenue generation starts with an elevated guest experience.

We have curated a list of event technology ideas to help you improve guest experience with ease.

Contactless Self-Check in

67% of customers prefer self-service over interaction with representatives. Thanks to the adoption of self-check-in systems and event registration software becoming mainstream post the pandemic - most people don’t need the education to use digital contactless services. An event management software like Map D, allows visitors to seamlessly check in using their smartphones. Guests need not wait in long lines, carry paper tickets or deal with a verification process with event representatives - they can smoothly enter and exit the event by simply scanning a QR code.

Hologram Speakers

Hologram technology is no longer a far-fetched concept. You can bring to life historical figures, characters, and prominent speakers from any part of the globe creating a lifelike presence on stage to enthrall your guests. allows you to integrate augmented reality holograms within your event app to create a memorable, immersive experience.


Gamification transforms the entire event experience into an engaging challenge. Imagine guests interacting with each other, solving scavenger hunts, competing for incentives, and celebrating wins while attending the event and visiting exhibitors. The endorphin rush from playing, combined with the productive use of time—networking and exploring value-added exhibits—will elevate the guest experience by miles. and MapD provide unique tools for seamless augmented reality gaming experiences.

Social Media

You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, X, Threads, and Linkedin to amplify your event in real time. Broadcast videos of guests enjoying the event, promote their testimonials, and show live feeds of interesting happenings at your event. Using unique hashtags you can allow visitors to show off their points of view about the event and share their experiences online as well as look at other attendees' experiences, network, and be part of a community based around your event.

Real-Time Polls and Surveys

MapD empowers you to collect real-time feedback and boost event engagement with absolute ease. Imagine not having to rely on human recall and sending your guests notifications to collect feedback about their event experience while they’re experiencing it. Attendees can use your app with MapD’s integration to vote on topics, express opinions, and provide answers in real-time. Empowering visitors in this manner will not only improve their guest experience but also make them feel valued by having their voices heard.

Live streaming for Hybrid events

The pandemic increased our comfort with a hybrid work model. So much so, that even now many visitors would prefer accessing an event online. Using an event app like MapD gives you the advantage of creating a virtual audience for your event. Your exhibitors will love the scale you’ll be able to provide by reaching a wider audience base. And your attendees will love the comfort of joining a session or workshop at your event from their couch without ever leaving their homes.

Generative AI chatbots

With ChatGPT becoming mainstream and universally accessible - traditional chatbots are quickly being replaced with generative AI chatbots. Using generative AI you can help attendees get answers to complicated questions by having insightful conversations with a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. Generative AI chatbots can summarise the value propositions of speaker sessions, help select which exhibitor aligns the most with the visitor’s interests, help create a plan for attending the event - highlighting points of interest, etc. A simple chatbot integration in your event app can help create personalized experiences for your guests.

AR Navigation and AR experiences

Navigation powered by augmented reality not only empowers attendees to self-navigate the event without any help but also provides a rich, immersive experience with audio narration, interesting visual content, and interactive AR experiences along the route. With the combined power of and MapD from integrating augmented reality in your events is as easy as ABC with out-of-the-box technology.


Allowing visitors to access the floor plan and event schedule even prior to the event in an app can help them plan their event experience ahead of time. MapD’s platform also lets attendees bookmark exhibitors, sessions, and speakers of interest. Thoughtfully taking care of such details will help your attendees organize their event experience better and make the most of it.

Event apps

Event management solutions and systems can help you with event planning, execution, and guest experience management. For instance MapD’s event planning software allows you to seamlessly create a successful event with an incredible suite of tools and take advantage of its event app that can be custom-branded to deliver an elevated guest experience. Attendees can glance at the entire floorplan, and event schedule, navigate, engage, and even register with exhibitors by logging into the app. It also provides attendee tracking, visitor profiles and other useful data that you can study to derive powerful insights to craft hassle-free event experiences.

Facilitate Networking

Using event management solutions you can enable visitors to create their profiles on the event app. Furthermore, event management systems like MapD also enable attendees to network in virtual rooms, discussion boards, schedule appointments and derive the most value from their event experience.

You can further read how to improve audience engagement at your next event here and discover 7 actionable tips to sky-rocket engagement.

Enhancing guest experience should be your priority.

  • Your event’s impression and reputation depend on it.

  • Your visitor retention and loyalty are a direct result of the guest experience you provide. Delivering a top-notch experience will help you build a loyal base of attendees who will continue returning to your events and recommend it to others.

  • It will help you generate more revenue. Satisfied attendees are more likely to spend on premium experiences offered at the event like purchasing merchandise, taking VIP access, upgrading tickets, etc

We recommend that you collect feedback from visitors at every event to understand what they liked, disliked, valued, and would like to see more of. This will help you make adjustments and plan for future events.

You can learn more about MapD, an integrated event management software that helps you plan, sell, promote and execute your event all in one place by clicking here.

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