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Creative Themes for Trade Show Exhibits

Mar 1, 2022 1:32:41 PM

With all of the competition, creating a trade show exhibit that's going to draw the attention of the crowd is one of the key components to great marketing for your business. Making your exhibit unique can be done by having a central theme that incorporates information about your company and engaging customers in an interesting and interactive way.

Figuring out a theme for a trade show takes a great deal of work and there are a few points that must be considered before coming up with a theme. Once you've got those items covered on your list, and you know how to choose what fits your company, exploring the different themes and settling on one is the fun part.

Historical themes are based on a specific event that has taken place in the past or something that is relevant to the city or industry. When customers can recognize something that is historic and prestigious, they will find it interesting and they will want to stop by your booth to see what your company is about. They are guaranteed to remember your exhibit because they will associate it with that event that has taken place.

Popular themes would be considered something that is currently well known by many people such as Mardi Gras. People love beads and they are quick give-a-ways. Any other popular reoccurring affair that people enjoy attending is a great attention grabber because they will think about when they were at that event and when they are going again. As a result, they will find a relevant reason to visit your booth.

A city theme is modeled after a popular city or town that has gained many tourists' dollars. Examples would be Hollywood and Las Vegas. Las Vegas is known for the flashy lights and the casinos. Hollywood is known for the red carpet and the famous sidewalk. These are props that can be added to a display to make them stand out.

Customers will definitely want to see what your exhibit has to offer just as tourists want to take advantage of what those cities have to offer.

International themes could work for your exhibit depending on the product you are trying to market and the type of customer you are trying to attract. International themes add flavor to a booth because the cultures of different countries are so rich that adding the theme of a country to your booth can enhance it with a taste of that culture.

Customers who enjoy new things will find a connection with your product or company as something new and something they will remember.

Color coordination is another way to create a centralized theme for your booth while branding your company. If those in charge of operating the booth have matching shirts with colors that match the display along with the company logo, it creates a sense of togetherness and coordination that is simple and easy. Customers will associate your company with that color and you have the potential to win them over with just a color.

Knowing which theme for your company is important and several ideas should be played around with before actually choosing one. Creating an exhibit is trial and error, so knowing what your customers like and what they are looking for helps you choose a theme that will grab their interest. Getting a customer's attention with a creative exhibit theme is only one step. Once you have piqued their curiosity, the next step is keeping them engaged so they will buy the product!

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